Early Reading and Dyslexia


As a certified Orton-Gillingham Associate and a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner, Ms. Patterson has extensive training and experience implementing the OG approach to those with and without dyslexia struggling with the foundational language building blocks of reading, writing, and spelling.

Handwriting and Dysgraphia Support


Ms. Patterson uses a multi-sensory approach to help students with dysgraphia and other handwriting-related difficulties associated with written expression. Her training as an Orton-Gillingham instructor provides her with the resources needed to help struggling students rebuild confidence and see results.

Test Prep


With over a decade of experience, Ms. Patterson specializes in SSAT and ISEE prep, helping students gain acceptance in the nation's top-ranking private high schools and boarding schools. She offers a complimentary assessment to identify areas of weakness and assembles a customized prep program to achieve desired test scores.

Writing Development


Ms. Patterson brings over 15 years of experience as a published journalist and copy editor as she helps students develop their writing skills. She works with both young students who are learning the foundations of paragraph development and basic sentence structure to college students who need assistance developing thesis statements and research papers.

K-12 Math


As a Johns Hopkins CTY math teacher, Ms. Patterson has over a decade of experience teaching and tutoring a variety of math subjects. She is Lindamood Bell trained in Cloud Nine and works with both high-achieving students who wish to be challenged outside of their academic environment and students struggling with dyscalculia, math facts, and word-based math problems.

Admission Applications


From essay writing to interview skills, Ms. Patterson guides students step by step through the college and high school application process. Her experience has helped students from a variety of backgrounds gain acceptance into some of the most competitive academic institutions.